It’s a Wrap

It’s a wrap. And it’s time to bring 2017 to a close.

It’s been an interesting year. One all about change and evolution. No longer do I work full-time, travelling around the country, worrying about silly targets and KPIs. I miss the day-to-day interaction of the people I used to meet, but the good ones are still in touch and very supportive.

The problem with getting old is that you remember how things used to be.

The past reinvents itself

The first few months were hard. Adjusting to major work change is always challenging but if you stay positive, decide on some goals, and be prepared it’s okay. You can trust that everything is going to be all right. That’s what I did this year. And you know what it’s turned out better than I expected.

  • I now run my own consultancy supporting clients with marketing, engagement and social media expertise. I am the go to gal for small business who need help, advice or simply coaching with their digital content.
  • I have picked up a few varied clients on the journey and have one core client who keeps me busy, and has gradually increased my workload. This has been a major blessing and achievement. Thanks to them.
  • Jim will be joining full-time from 2018 to develop the business further. Which says a lot about our approach and style.
  • I make sure I network weekly mostly with my 4N group based in Stockport. Networking is also available in Manchester with ad hoc independent groups. I have met some amazing people who are supportive and motivational.
  • I feel so much more valued, respected.
  • I get to work from home full-time with an enormous amount of flexibility
  • I can pick the type of work I want to do and the people I want to work with
  • I learn something new everyday, a new skill, a new way of approaching a task.


It was Robert Redford, who once said “The problem with getting old is that you remember how things used to be.” On the other hand, if you adopt a positive attitude so much of our past  continues to live on with us and even comes back in a reinvented form.


time to wrap up

I will set my new goals for 2018 in my next blog post, the first for the new year. As I enter my third phase of life I want to continue working as much as possible, stay fit with lots of walking and Dru Yoga.

I know I am going to live longer, my Gran lived till 98 so I have good genes but I need to take care of myself. And for most of us that means that the old-fashioned pension model simply will not provide for us in our old age. I want to keep going as much as possible. Keep learning and keep sharing.

I hope you will come with me but in the meantime have a peaceful, warm Christmas and an exciting, positive, focused New Year.