Books, Books and more Books. Will I ever stop reading books?

Will I ever stop reading books, buying books? The short answer to the above question is, “No.”
If you want the full answer and a longer explanation, read on….
I’ve just ordered a new book on social media marketing. It’s the second book  I’ve ordered in the last 10 days, and they’re all on the same subject – social media skills and working  on-line. The book I ordered last week was on SEO and was fascinating.
Poor people have big TV’s. Rich People have big libraries. Jim Rohn
I’ve been working from home now for several months and learning lots of new skills. It’s funny that I was expecting to work in the area of being a PA, administrator but more and more I am moving towards social media and using digital content. It’s something I’ve got a lot of experience of and know a lot about. If that’s the case why do I keep spending money on more books that tell me what I already know?
Well I think that Jim Rohn made a very valid point when he said, “Poor people have big TV’s. Rich People have big libraries.”  (They also have big houses, big pools, big cars and big bank balances).
Throughout my life I’ve always been a keen reader and collector of books. Whenever as subject has interested me (food, well-being, biographies and now on-line businesses), I’ve always found that the best way to learn is to get reading. This might be buying a book or on Kindle but I love books.
The more books I read on a subject, the more that knowledge gets ingrained in my brain. Event the tech stuff which can become out of date very quickly. I find that the same ideas get repeated over and over again, but each book and each author has something new to add. Even if 99% of a book holds nothing new, that doesn’t matter. Just one small insight or additional piece of information could show me how to  save  money or bring in more sales. So I consider a few pounds spent on each book is money well spent. Think of it as investing in yourself.
We probably forget around 90% of what we’ve read by the time we get to the end of the book. That’s another reason why I read lots of book and reread the best ones over and over again. Every reading reveals something that I missed the first time around.
If you want to get the most from a book, take a tip from Les Brown and try reading it out aloud with power and conviction. I wouldn’t recommend trying that in your local library, but if you can find a private place and overcome your inhibitions, you’ll be surprised how much more you take in and remember.