The Hashtag

I have a thing about hashtag. Seriously I really, really like them. You could almost say I love them. Why? Because they help you discover new things on social media. Some hashtags or shall I say # help you find content, people, teach you new skills. Some hashtags just looking at them make you smile:



See what I mean? Its like infectious positivity all wrapped up like a social media present.

Hashtags are used on platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. For Twitter you need to limit the number of hashtags to no more than 3. On Instagram its the complete opposite. Go wild as many as you fancy, create your own or simply use your favourites. For Tumblr hashtags are a great way to find interesting and innovative content. Seriously take a look at Tumblr its a much underrated social media platform.

Even Facebook is coming along to the hashtag party. And you know what they say about late arrivals it’s the best way to make an entrance.


The fundamental principle of a social media hashtag is to help you organise or file your content. Too many of us misunderstand the power of the hashtag. They feel its a way of attracting attention. Now this is one use of the hashtag but its not the only one.  So below are some ideas how you can mobilise the potential of your lovely hashtag.


The hashtag connects you and your brand with relevant topics. Think of it as way to drive people to your online profile. It raises your digital profile and provides a simple way to engage with your audience and followers.  Use your well-crafted hashtag well and it will assist your visibility plus develop customer-relations. Simply look at how the public transport sector uses Twitter.  Comfortability is key, your followers want to get to know you, your brand and what you share this will lead to greater interaction on social media.

Don’t use hashtags in every post, don’t use them when your responding to someone. Same for comments, retweets or reply.



Don’t use hashtags in every single post you use. For Twitter use one or two, no more than three. For Instagram the more hashtags you use the betterseems the view but I would try and use a bit of restraint. Use hashtags that work for you, are relevant or make you smile. Also make sure you use key days and locations #throwbackthursday #manchester.

Don’t try too hard, find a natural balance that works for you or that you feel comfortable with. Also don’t use hashtags for every word in your stream. Hashtag is there to simply organise and find content. Overuse of hashtags can lead to reduced engagement overall so tready carefully.

Choose carefully

Hashtags need to be focused, using simple or frequently used words don’t usually work. Think about your use of # like you approach your SEO. What are your key words? What words really matter in your comment? Do a simple audit across your chosen platforms and see what your peers are using and why.

Not sure where to start research and test your potential hashtags. Look at who you follow, what type of hashtag are they using? Which hashtags are popular this week, today? What trends are emerging in your sector?

So now you can see that this once forgotten character on the keyboard finally has made it.