Do something great | The Social Media Audit

Its the time of year when we should really be thinking about the impact of our social media. Has all that online effort really making a difference or are you simply wasting time. Whenever I start work with a client the first exercise is to review their current online activity looks like. What platforms are they using. Is there website up to date? Are they posting regularly enough. Could the frequency be improved or is it about the quality of their content?

So many questions, so little time. But we can help. During December 2017 and January 2018 Long & Ferguson are offering a special audit package to help small businesses take a long, hard but fresh look of their online profile.


The offer

The audit can vary to reflect the number of online platforms you are using but you can rest assured we will make some recommendations on how you can improve your digital view.

  • Do you need to generate more business leads?
  • Are you growing your followers, and are they the right ones for your business?
  • Can images help raise your profile?
  • Are you sharing relevant content?
  • If you think this special offer could you and your business get in touch. But don’t leave it too long before you know it the deal will be gone.
  • We will look at your profile, your branding plus keywords
  • Referral traffic
  • Engagement levels
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Benchmarking across your sector

Don’t waste this opportunity to review your online activity, plus agree some steps to ensure 2018 your digital content works for you.

Do something great.



online visibility

Why you need online visibility

Apparently we are all spending, on average, around three plus hours online every day. Over eighty percent of people are using the internet  to find something, often a product or service.

Combine this with the fact that everyday there is a new start up, a new business and a new freelancer. They all have the perfect solution to help other businesses. However, how do these parties connect and collaborate? This is why marketing, and specifically digital marketing is so valuable.

The power of online marketing and advertising has risen over the past few years. Making sure your potential client can find you is vital.

Content can be King

I had a boss who regularly chanted “content is king, content is king”. This mantra has always stuck with me and its so true. Especially now in the online world. You can write the most interesting article or blog but the way it’s presented, the way its shared can make the difference between a post that goes viral or is never seen by anyone. We need to share our views are shared in a number of places, Medium, LinkedIn as well as our own websites. We can embed videos that provide greater insight, quotes and images that engage our readers and we need to constantly remind clients what we are writing about. Content is king but only if it is seen, discussed and shared. Content can change as well. Successful bloggers revisit their archive and update their content as appropriate.

I love this as an idea it feels as though our content has a lifespan that we can revisit and change. I suspect biographers won’t have letters to dissect when they write their books, but they will have blogs, tweets and vlogs to understand their subjects.

Understanding behaviour

Understanding your customers behaviour is the foundation to any marketing campaign. You need to understand their needs & wants to help build a strategic relationship. Having an authentic online conversation with your client can enhance the effect of your digital presence. Monitoring your clients needs helps you present your services so that your clients can engage with you. It also helps you understand the products your clients are looking for plus improve the service you provide.

Asking for feedback, and more importantly listening to what your customers are saying and action it all contribute to the trust between you and your customer. Watch what your clients are doing, do they understand how you can help them? What can you learn from them and their behaviour?

Marketing it right

SEO or search engine optimisation has changed a lot.  This is a term used a lot within the digital marketing sector but many business ignore its impact. We know that Google changes the criteria regularly when searching online and the majority of results we see now are ads. But it’s still important that your SEO or at least your meta data reflects what you do. Think of this as data behind your website or your content. Each page or post has data that helps the internet search. Try searching for your organisation or yourself without using your name. What are the keywords for your industry? Where do you appear? What’s your location? This is where SEO can help, think of it as online signposting. So the more information you provide behind the content, the more likely customers can find you.

the trends

I receive a lot of emails and newsletters. Everyday my inbox is full of useful information which I need to read, share, file or delete. Sometimes I unsubscribe if the information is not useful or you send me too many emails (3 in one day your overdoing it!). Why do I do this, its one of the ways I make sure I am monitoring trends. Keeping on top of everything that is going on in my sector, what’s new, what’s fading, how products are adapting. It’s all part of being aware of what’s happening.

Now I can’t stay up to date on everything, snapchat is definitely a weak area for me, but keeping my eye on most social platforms helps me do my job better, keeps me learning and makes sure I help my clients. Yes, its massively time-consuming, but essential so make it a priority to monitor what is happening elsewhere.

We have to provide more visibility, more certainty to the investors and reduce the cost of failure. Emmanuel Macron

Next time you talk to someone who doesn’t appreciate the value of an online presence remind them that the online visibility of their business can make sure they are part of the conversation and help them stand out from the crowd of competition. Alternatively you can talk to me for some advice, just buy me a nice cup of coffee – what have you got to lose?