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#AskEddie: The good news social media story

For me the glass is half full, definitely half full. Never half empty. I always like to see the positive side of life. Sometimes that’s hard to achieve especially with social media.

Now I know that social media has a dark side as well as a positive side. However, last week there was a very positive news story about a young Eddie Smith on his work experience with Southern Rail. In fact to some he has been proclaimed as Southern Rails saviour.

You can read the full news story about Eddie online. Basically a young guy on work experience was given the opportunity to monitor twitter activity on Southern Rails twitter account. Eddie was working at a Southern Rail operating centre in Sussex. Straight forward you would think but he had permission to introduce himself online and invite people to ask him questions. Consequently, the questions posted were amusing and young Eddie took the opportunity to answer them as well as he could.

The twittersphere loved this and the response was positive, funny and worked hard to win over many disgruntled Southern Rail commuters. For Eddie he has said its a great work experience and something that will live with him for a long time. Apparently he is also now considering a career in PR.

This story strengthens one of my key secrets of social media.

Be yourself.

Always, don’t try and be something your not. Don’t tweet what you think people want to read. Be yourself always online. This is what we mean about being authentic. It helps build trust and makes sure people know who you are. Individuals respond to this personal truth, when they see it they warm to it and want more of it. So always be yourself.

Maybe I am naive about the bad behaviour of social media. I know trolling exists on twitter.This is a serious problem especially for women and celebrities who are active online. We all know it exists and I would never dismiss it. However, isn’t it rewarding to know that there is a good side to social media as well, and that something good can come out of twitter.

Personally I have found social media an exceptionally collaborative and connected resource.

I just loved this story. And if you need a little positivity to brighten your day you can always read the #askeddie tweets. Oh and always ask questions, lots of questions. Enjoy.