Social Media Packages

We provide packages dedicated for social media and content marketing support. Long & Ferguson can assist you whether you require a full audit, setting up your accounts or manage daily online activity. Don’t worry if these packages don’t work for you, we can create the perfect bespoke pack for your business needs.

The Audit Package | Long & Ferguson





Social Media

There are many ways social media can add value to your business strategy. Making sure you engage with your audience. Social media can also steal your valuable time. If you need help setting up your accounts, managing your social media brand, or simply choosing the right channel for your business. We can help.  Long & Ferguson can raise your profile, increasing your followers, create your content and identify the right keywords for you.

Content Marketing

Blogs are an important part of business but they can be very time-consuming. If you are struggling to create content that reflects your brand or looking to refresh existing text. We can help in a variety of ways. Content marketing support includes micro-blogging, blog posts, blog SEO, images for your website. We can also create eBooks, subscribers’ list or landing pages.