Whether your a marketing expert or a newbie to social media, perhaps you need to brush up on the latest tech?   – I can help you and your business.  I provide a fresh view of your digital profile, looking at your content, your social media activity and find solutions to be more productive and have greater impact. I work with small business owners, organisations, entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants and internet marketers.

I can audit your current digital presence, create content for your website plus boost your social media profile. I can design and deliver you a great event to inspire your clients or simply provide ways to improve your stakeholder relationships.


Understanding how to engage with people, your clients, your audience and your stakeholders’ requires strategic thinking. Relationship management uses a variety of skills to ensure communication is clear, expectations are understood and rewarding participation is achieved.  I can advise and deliver on your stakeholder strategy to achieve your aims through conversations, events or activities. Whether you need advocacy mapping, client research or strategies for volunteer engagement I can add value. Experienced in delivering large scale conferences, focused meetings, workshops or social networking programmes I can design and deliver an event that fulfils your objectives.

Social Media

There are so many ways social media can add value to your business strategy and ensure you engage with your online audience. Social media can also completely steal all your precious time. I can help you raise your profile, increase your followers organically, provide regular content flow and develop a strong online presence. I can advise on the best platforms you should choose whether it’s twitter, pinterest, facebook and instagram. I can research your hashtags and create, curate and plan your social media posts. Whether you’re an experienced expert struggling to find extra time or a novice not sure where to start I can get your started and help you maintain your digital channels.

Content Marketing

Blogs are an important part of business today but they can be very time-consuming. If you are struggling to create content that reflects your brand or need to polish existing text I can make this happen. Content marketing includes creating blog posts, text, images for your website, create eBooks on specific themes. I can help you keep up with WordPress updates and plugins, navigate your Wix from your Bluehost. I can also help edit pages that you already have or add new pages to your website. Whether you are a savvy blogger or a content queen I can create bespoke posts and pages for all your needs.

If your focus is internet marketing I can add some polish to your subscribers’ list or landing pages to make sure you are ready to launch your product. I can schedule regular communication using the platform of your choice (Mailchimp, AWeber or whichever resource you prefer) and help you build that list. Landing pages are an important part of your online profile. I can help you edit existing pages to create a more polished professional look.I can also source images and branding to complement your online brand. I can also help with Facebook ads or Linkedin promotions.


Long & Ferguson can help with

  • Online Marketing Review:  A review of all your online marketing channels to ensure brand consistency and targeted marketing, and provide a report of recommendations and suggestions for additional opportunities.
  • Content Management: Creating, Editing and Updating Websites including WordPress, Wix, Bluehost. Creating blog content.
  • Social Media Engagement: Identify your channel, strategies for social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Instagram, Pinterest including Tailwind, Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck and others.
  • Event Management: Full event design, planning and delivery with ROI evaluation, creating events to cultivate relationships and raise profile.
  • Project Management: Action plans, planning, organising and prioritising resources.
  • Relationship Management: Managing & Maintaining Online Stakeholder systems and strategies.
  • Business Development: Funding, major gifts, crowdfunding and individual giving.
  • Research: General Online Research, Stakeholder and Advocacy mapping. Research your competitors and keywords (hashtags) for your industry and sector.

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