Resources are always useful. Below are a few ideas and suggestions that are free to use.

Tip Sheets

I love to create tip sheets, tools that help me stay organised and save time. Here a few that are free to use. More will be added in the future.

Free download – Tip Sheet on Time Management

Free download – Daily Planner 


If you are interested in online marketing or developing your skills here are some resources I use.

Canva is great for adapting and creating imagery which can be used for blogs, websites, Pinterest or Twitter. You can sign up for free or sign up for a paid monthly upgrade. Upload your own images and create suitable text. Useful to create a simple logo or a branded look for your graphics. Have a go at creating some key images to get the hang of designing your own tools.

Stock photos can be costly. I recommend Unsplash for blog photos and landing pages images. Very professional and free to use. You will probably recognise some of the images so search for unusual subjects and always share the photos credit on social media.

ManageFlitter Is a simple tool to schedule and plan all your twitter activity. Its a great for setting recurring tweets and planning your activity. You will need to pay a regular fee. Similarly Klout helps me keep track of our twitter analytics. You can also find similar content than can be shared.

Tailwind is useful to schedule pinterest activity for a monthly fee.

For landing pages use  Leadpages.   Similarly, manage email subscribers through aWeber. Both charge fees but have a trial periods.

This website has been created using  Bluehost Wordpress. It makes wordpress much easier to download and set up on your computer or laptop.