Summer Autumn Reboot

the Post-Summer Social Media Reboot

It’s time for a reboot. It’s September and across the world a very wet September for most of us. This post-Summer, almost-Autumn period always feels very new term, fresh stationary and sharpen your pencils time. So why not a social media reboot?

I personally quite like it. You come back from holiday, refreshed, restored and ready to get busy. For me the plan is to focus on my networking, developing my business further and continue working with my current clients.

Begin Today

This is going to be a busy period in the run up to the end of the year and Christmas celebrations. I want to be in a good place for 2018.

Mastering social media schedulers, knowing which ones are good value and work well across multiple platforms (trust me there are too many options for schedulers out there) will be the priority. I want to improve my expertise in certain social media areas where I know I can do better.

So lets also use this time to take stock and make changes with our social media, do our Instaram images need editing? Does our twitter account look active? Has our SEO been slipping? Should we put more effort in our Tumblr?

Many of the dailies and magazines are suggesting this was a time to review activity and focus. This Saturday the Telegraph advised me September can be all about fresh starts. This has got me thinking about relevance to social media reboots.

Summer Autumn Reboot


I have just come back from a week off in Scotland. It was great, a bit of a digital detox (still keeping an eye on some of my client accounts) but a good time to re-assess what social media tools to use and how effective are they.

Consequently its time for some reinvention, a social media reboot thinking about where we should put our online energies into

  • Developing our business
  • Tidying up our stakeholder list
  • When was the last time we sent an email newsletter to our contacts?
  • Networking, networking, networking what’s happening locally?
  • Audit and analyse current online activity? What’s working and what needs to improve?
  • Check in with clients, what is outstanding or keeps slipping?
  • Should we change a platform are we missing an audience channel?
  • Review our social media accounts; are they up to date, are they consistent? Is anything missing?


As the weather starts to get gloomier and we start to transition from long days with light evenings to those grey days and darker nights now is the time to review, plan and reboot. If you need help you know where I am.