What is internet marketing and what is it for?

Internet marketing simply entails promotion using the web. Any marketing activity that is carried out online is considered ‘internet marketing’ and this can includes:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Press releases
  • Email marketing
  • And more…

These are various strands of internet marketing that can each help you to bring more visitors to a website or a blog and that in turn then gives you the opportunity to promote your business and hopefully drive ‘conversions’ (i.e. turning visitors into customers). You are basically raising profile.

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What makes internet marketing so effective is that it doesn’t have to cost a huge amount to be successful. You can spend an awful lot on SEO and content marketing and thereby try to get your site to the top of Google, but sometimes it just takes one smartly placed link to drive huge amounts of traffic to your site. Lots of bloggers talk about going viral through Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

If you’re willing to put in consistent time and effort, then anyone can build a massive, loyal audience thereby become a big influencer in their niche. Thus, internet marketing is the ‘great equalizer’. Marketing no longer requires a huge advertising budget: it is now something that you can do just as well as the largest organizations – as long as you’re smart with it and have time.

Internet marketing has other advantages too: it allows you to actually engage with your audience. For instance using social media or running contests means that you’re able to interact with the very customers you’re trying to obtain and get feedback from them. Then there’s the simple fact that the web is capable of reaching such a huge audience – including people from all around the world. If you’re selling something with international shipping, then this is by far the best way to reach a global audience.

For all these reasons, internet marketing is an option for all. No matter what type of business you are running, you should be able to benefit from internet marketing and find that it can help you to increase your brand visibility, to grow your audience and to make bigger profits.

Some businesses are only able to exist thanks to internet marketing. These are the entirely online businesses, such as people who sell eBooks. eBooks are digital products with no overheads and by marketing them correctly, it’s possible to make huge amounts of sales that will earn you almost entirely profit. eBooks can be something of a hard sell, but the fact that you can reach such a massive audience and engage with them directly means that you can get enough turnover to earn big profits. Look on twitter and you will find many active authors who have self-published and are self-promoting.

Other businesses also rely very heavily on internet marketing. If you sell a service online, such as web design or copywriting, then using internet marketing will allow you to ensure that the maximum number of potential clients sees your website and considers hiring your services. Knowing how to reach that audience online is the difference between long dry spells where you aren’t bringing in any cash and a steady flow of orders and income. Of course, the same is also true for an e-commerce business which exists to turn visitors to a website into paying customers in a similar way.

Both big business and small business will spend time on internet marketing, using this unique word of mouth approach to promote and market their products. If you would like to know more download How to master internet marketing, a beginners guide.


My favourite Dad

My favourite Dad is Eugene Long. Silly comment I know as he is the only Dad I have and the only one I have ever known. He is a very special person, very charming and very funny.

Today my Dad, Eugene is 80 and he will be celebrating in style with his favourite person, Isobel. Having checked in this morning they are planning a cultural excursion to be followed by a lovely indulgent lunch in our favourite of places, Rules restaurant. I should write a blog about Rules, a very special place which reminds you of a forgotten time.

Anyway this is about my Dad, celebrating his life, his love for his family, children and now grandchildren. I wish him all the best and hope he has a super day.

I took this picture a few years ago when we would have lunch together. It was Christmas and Dad insistent in posing. You can see that we are both having a gibson martini, a proper gin martini, none of that modern vodka stuff for us! In fact, I should definitely write a blog about the celebration of the martini cocktail.

Happy birthday Dad – hope you have a lovely day.


Good mental health is on my mind

Good mental health is on my mind this week as we celebrate good mental health awareness.  The Mental Health Foundation has published a report about the impact of mental health – for example its estimated that two thirds of us have all experienced mental ill health at some point in our lifetime. The Foundation also believes just 13% of us are living with high levels of good mental health.  It is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem! This needs to change.

For me this shows that our modern lifestyle is so stressful and finding the balance between work, career, family, relationships and all our other commitments is a major challenge. The need for greater awareness of mental health issues and individual self-care is growing.  You can test your own mental health using the Foundations quick test. I recommend you have a go yourself, and take a moment to reflect on your own personal mental health.

I used this simple tool and came out average which considering my current lifestyle, having reviewed my work and life priorities over the past few months is not surprising.

For Jim and I looking at how to change our lifestyles became essential during 2016 and we are still exploring our options and learning how to work together in new exciting ways. What I have found really surprising is how well our skills complement each other but also how we can support each other, make sure we take breaks, give each other time to focus on what we want to do. Its a joy to have a colleague who is interesting, stimulating and inspiring. Working online as a couple doesn’t mean we are always working online but reading, researching, going for a walk to exercise our bodies as well as our minds.

We blog lots about ways to help you manage your time, stress and day to day challenges but one useful tip is to bring mediation into your day. Whether you are looking to unwind after a stressful day of meetings, difficult conversations or simply looking for some positive vibes to start your day. Try both Calm or Headspace apps to get you into the habit. You can try them for free and see if they help you.

Does it spark joy? It’s time to tidy up.

If you recognise this phrase, does it spark joy? Then I suspect you know what I am going to talk about. When I was coming out of the dark days of my illness and finding my normal one of the key books that really helped me was Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. This still surprises me.

I had resisted the book for ages, hearing references to sparking joy in media, seeing people videos about tidying the Marie Kondo way on YouTube. I was beginning to think this is silly or just the latest fad. And I love a good fad.

I wasn’t sure what make me more curious but I gave in and bought a copy on kindle. What was amazed by this as I wasn’t expecting that a book about tidying could help me find my groove back, but it did. I found it an amazing trigger to inspire organising, folding, sorting through, clearing out, redefining storage. I became religious about going through my drawers, cupboards in an effort to maximise every single nook of space.

Even now, months later the approach to folding and sorting is embedded within me. I fold everything different and can see my clothes simply and with ease. I am no fool and I am sure that the reason I embrace home organisation with such positivity is about being control. After being ill for some time to be in command of one area of my life is needed more than ever. and its fine I recognise this and worship the concept of sparking joy.

But hear me I don’t feel everyone should rush off and change their approach to folding. It’s not for everyone but my message is if you want to improve one thing in your life and feel good about yourself a little bit of folding might help.


Time Strategies

My mind is very focused on time management and being productive. It’s not easy at the moment, and as I have blogged previously its very easy when working in social media, digital worlds to get distracted as there is so much to learn. Some people refer to this as butterflies. For example, you start the day deciding to focus purely on Pinterest and then spend the day looking at how SEO works, or see some useful course available, which once you sign up for it isn’t useful at all. You can spend a whole morning watching you tube videos showing you how to use plugins and widgets, most of which don’t seem to be very useful at all.

So how do you stay productive and focused? I find myself following very strict time management or time strategy rules to help me avoid this scenario. It doesn’t work all the time but does help most of the time and I am sharing my golden rules below. Yes, they are common sense, there is nothing new here but the secret is to follow-them, not just think about them. So I recommend you make sure you put theory into practice. And the one tip I use the most? Definitely blocking out your time for the day, week – this way you keep reviewing your progress and remind yourself what you should be focusing on!

I have also created a Tip Sheet Time Management to help feel free to download and share.

Pin Time Management.jpg



Walking the stress away

For the past few weeks I have been preoccupied; reading, thinking and walking. Trying, and I think finally succeeding, in getting my walking groove back, getting my body moving. Feeling more physically motivated.

Now that the weather is finally improving with a little warmth and sun there are no excuses for not grouping the dogs together and exploring local fields, parks for some free exercise.

The lighter evenings are helpful too providing extra hours to explore footpaths, examine walkways and discover new routes to challenge the brain. I use the local section of the Fred Perry Way to have my evening walk after tea.

I found myself a bit computer overloaded after the Easter break. A wise friend advised that I was probably a bit out of sync as no longer working full-time, I would expect to be on holiday during the Easter fortnight. It really does take a long time to readjust your body clock when you finish full-time work after 30 years.


All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking – Friedrich Nietzsche

I was also blogged out. Too much time thinking about the technical, jargon aspects of blogging and social media so took a step back, put the laptop away and took an online break to free up the mind and find some clarity. None of it was making sense and I could feel my frustration beginning to bubble up.

Walking helps with this, meditation works for some but I find focusing on putting one leg in front of another extremely beneficial to find my centre, nourish my soul and find my way through the noise of everyday life.  When I was particularly stressed with my job or struggling to start a project or next steps a good long walk helped navigate the solution. Similarly, when I was able to make sure  I had a break during the day a walk was a good way to balance against too many hours sitting at a desk tapping away at a laptop.

Sometimes, I will listen to an audio book whilst I walk. Download something inspirational to absorb whilst walking. However, as I have an extra puppy to watch over I need to be a little extra diligent when out of with three dogs.

So onwards and onwards with the walking.


I had this week all planned out. I was going to continue with my great marketing course online (loving’ it). Plus look closer at how pinterest works as a promotional tool.

Have I achieved any of these goals? No, of course not, and why not is all down to distractions. What I have learnt is working in the online and digital world its easy to be drawn off in other areas which are interesting, but not important, not a priority.

Distracted by neighbours having an emergency, questions on how to deal with html links, researching a question takes me off into another direction, the phone, emails, the washing machine. Even writing this blog post I have had to answer the door twice!

Nothing has gone to plan and you know what it’s all fine. It will happen when it happens. And although I have mastered pinterest yet, I know that I will soon. However, here are a few tips to remain focused and manage day to day distractions:

To do list: Keep it manageable and realistic, with no more than 10 items for a week. Review regularly and carry forward whats outstanding, remember to address the biggest task or challenge first.

Notifications: Turn off the notifications, in fact turn off ALL notifications on your technology, you think they are useful but they are not. Whether its news updates or your email it will disrupt your focused thought.

Email: Manage your inbox efficiently and try to check email twice or three times a day. Nothing is ever that urgent.

Phones: Put your phone on silent or let people know you need to focus on a big task or project.

Internet: Find yourself browsing, then again switch it off. Take a short break, a cup of tea or coffee to put your thought processes back on track.

Space: Make sure your work space helps you. It’s fairly quiet and you wont be distracted by family, washing machine, kettle brewing etc. This one can be difficult when you work from home but its important to have a designated space.

Self-Care: Look after yourself. Stay hydrated, take short breaks, stretch your body a little, take a walk. Make sure you look after you and your brain.