Is your LinkedIn profile LinkedIn?

I like LinkedIn but I am never sure what to do with this specific social network? Is it a social network? Perhaps its a business resource? Somewhere you use to find a new job? Seriously what is its overall purpose?

Professional Networks

It is the place to be found. If you are looking to network, make sure you have a profile. Looking to grow your business? It is your number one resource.  Make sure your profile describes your services and expertise simply, clearly. A job title is not enough.

What is it exactly that you do? Are your potential clients likely to search for to find you? Do you know what they are they looking for?

When you meet someone make sure you connect with them LinkedIn. Always, without fail. Follow-up post event is essential and not enough people do it.

Considered a professional network. This perception is changing, perhaps it’s moving towards Facebook (people sharing jokes, comments and posting ideas). There is much debate about how you use it to connect, should you include a note (yes, maybe) but if you don’t feel comfortable then that’s fine.


As with all social media networks make it work for you. Don’t do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are looking to grow your network and connect with people who interest you and you don’t know at all. Do it.  Some may consider this is inappropriate, personally if it works for you carry on. You are focused on growing your network. People who are similar to you, like me, respect this. Just be mindful that others may have a different view. They prefer to only connect with people they really know. That’s okay, respect this approach to.

Why use LinkedIn?

Used wisely this platform can be a huge resource

  • develop your brand, keep tweaking that profile, be explicit about what you want
  • search for potential clients through sector, expertise or location
  • join groups and comment
  • research, before you meet people and post-meeting
  • recruit, obvious to most of us but you know lots of people don’t use it
  • be seen, be active, comment and share activity – work on your profile.
  • link your accounts so that your blog commentary is automatically shared
  • check your inbox, messages regularly – don’t ignore this B2B space
  • connect, connect and connect


Don’t expect too much from LinkedIn. Use it to grow your personal connections and to ensure people can see what you are doing. Use it wisely and it will help you. Get to know how it works.

Are you posting articles? Are you sharing stories plus contributing to groups. Do you make sure that all your content is automatically being posted on your LinkedIn profile?

Ignore it and you are potentially missing a big conversation.