Instagram Vivs Long-Ferguson

Could Instagram grow for you?

Instagram is Growing, it’s official

Should you be on Instagram or not? Would it work for your brand? There are many who feel you should be on Instagram. I am still waiting to be convinced but definitely open to its possibilities.

Instagram isn’t as big as Facebook but then nothing is. It’s important to remember that this is all relative. Facebook is the major player with growth and engagement across all demographics. Don’t write off Instagram, Pinterest and my favourite, Twitter yet – they are still major players.

In 2014 Instagram announced that it had surpassed 300 million users. By early 2017 the organisation confirmed that they had over 700 million active users per month. In other words, this is a teenage social media platform with a growth spurt.

And while you might think of Instagram as one of the ‘smaller’ social networks, this is in fact not true at all. Because in reality there is evidence that it has more users than Twitter (300 million+ active users per month). This is likely owing to its broader visual appeal.

Facebook reigns supreme

I think the power of Instagram is how effective it can be used with another platform particularly Facebook. As both platforms are owned by the same organisation they work extremely well together. Using Instagram posts to update your Facebook profile is a simple way to generate easy regular visual content. This is a great bonus for small business and major brands.

This provides the perfect way for you to tie all your social media accounts together, to save a lot of time uploading to multiple different channels and to increase your brand visibility. It even plays nicely with Pinterest, which just so happens to be another sorely under-utilized social network for marketers. This is a core objective with your marketing plan, be wary of using all the different platforms that are available to you. Remember think about where you audience is active, and consider where you platforms collaborate.

Instagram Vivs Long-Ferguson

LET’S gO Shopping

On top of all that, Instagram is actually a great place to sell. According to recent studies, a lot of users use it to shop – and some use it primarily for purchasing.

To put this in numbers, 70% of those surveyed by Iconosquare in 2015 stated that they have at some point sought out a brand using it. 62% have followed brands that they love, while 41% said they would be happy to hear about giveaways and discounts.  65% said that rather than being intrusive, they find it flattering when a brand likes their post.

As though that wasn’t enough reason to start investing your marketing time in Instagram, it’s also worth remembering that Instagram like Tumblr is drastically under-estimated by a lot of businesses and internet marketers. In other words, your competition most likely isn’t making the most of these platforms and you have an opportunity to stand out. A note of caution on this though the growth of the Instagram Influencer is definitely rising but it’s still feasible if you are focused about your brand and the type of images you want to share.

Use of the hashtag is fundamental for this platform but I will save this major subject for a future post.

return on investment

Finally, there’s the ROI that this platform offers. Brands love Twitter because it’s so incredibly easy for them to upload content. The same can be said of Instagram – if you know how to take great photos, or you can create inspiring visuals plus upload them and add your hashtags. You are on your way to keep a very active account with just a few minutes a day or even a few minutes a week.

So have a play – try out Instagram and see if it works for you.  I will be focusing on Instagram with a new client over the next few weeks. So let’s see if I change my view and adopt it as a favourite tool.