Good mental health is on my mind

Good mental health is on my mind this week as we celebrate good mental health awareness. The Mental Health Foundation has published a report about the impact of mental health. For example its estimated that two thirds of us have all experienced mental ill health at some point in our lifetime. The Foundation also believes just 13% of us are living with high levels of good mental health.  It is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem! This needs to change.

For me this shows that our modern lifestyle is stressful. Finding that balance between work, career, family, relationships and all our other commitments is a major challenge. The need for greater awareness of mental health issues and individual self-care is growing.  You can gauge your own mental health using the Foundations quick test. I recommend you have a go. Take a moment to reflect on your own personal mental health. I used this simple tool and came out average which considering my current lifestyle. I recent reviewed my work and life priorities over the past few months and made some major changes to my life.


For Jim and I looking at how to change our lifestyles became essential during 2016. We are still exploring our options and learning how to work together in new exciting ways. What I have found interesting is how well our skills complement each other. We can support each other, make sure we take breaks, give each other time to focus on what we want to do. Its a joy to have a colleague who is inspiring. Working online as a couple doesn’t mean we are always working on a laptop but reading, researching. Going for a walk with the dogs provides exercise and a space to think.

We blog a lot about internet marketing, good ways to manage your time. We write about stress and day to day challenges. One useful tip is to bring mediation into your day. Whether you are looking to unwind after a busy day of meetings. Perhaps you have to manage difficult conversations or simply looking for some positive vibes to start your day. Try both Calm or Headspace apps to get you into the habit. You can test them for free and see if they help you. I personally use Reiki as my mediation tool, it helps restore my energy plus prepare for the day ahead. Sometimes I use it to unwind and switch off.