Failure Vivs Long-Ferguson

Shall we talk about Business Failure?

My hubby, and business partner Jim believes that three big reasons that anyone fails in business, or any other aspect of their life:

Firstly, procrastination. If you don’t get started then are are simply not going to go anywhere.
Secondly, not treating it as a real business. If you treat it as a hobby that produces some pin money, that’s what it will remain.
Thirdly, giving up.

Take it seriously

Today I’ll assume , like me, you’ve got started and  you’re taking it seriously.  You’re putting in all the time and effort you can, but maybe you’re not seeing the results you expected.  If that’s the case then my simple advice is that once you have a clear goal and have got yourself started towards it, don’t give up , ever.

I know first hand this business can seem frustrating at times. Lots of options out there. Makes you want to throw the towel in sometimes. Simply overwhelming.

But think about this for a moment. If you want to build muscle, as you’re at the gym lifting weights, you’re actually tearing your muscles down. It can be a painful process.

Yet, that’s the building blocks of becoming stronger and healthier. And isn’t it true that after you finish the workout, after you push through the resistance, you’re incredibly happy and fulfilled?

A big key to this business is to NOT throw in the towel. Keep going.  Don’t give up.  It is all part of the process.

It really is that important.

Keep experimenting

A big help may be to look at your failures and setbacks. Put them in context and see that for what the are, simply lessons learned on the road to success.

A big part of this business is having fun and testing. Figuring out if something works or not, and moving forward from there. Think of each step as investment in yourself, self-education.

So, rather than trying something and thinking, “I’m a failure.” or, “I’m no good at this.” or, “This doesn’t work”

View everything as a wonderful little experiment. In a way we’re mad scientists, testing, trying things out to better our income, lifestyles, and families futures, a bit more, day by day.

And I say it’s worth the “experimenting” isn’t it?

Finally, when you need support we’ve got Facebook groups you can join and be a part of.

And if you need  to latch onto a surefire system to follow, there are lots of options out there.