Facebook Vivs Long-Ferguson

Everybody has a view about Facebook and it still Matters

Everybody has a view about Facebook. Even people who don’t currently use it have heard of it. Why? Because Facebook has continued to evolve from a niche social site for college students to the largest and widely used social media platform. As a platform that appeals both to regular people and to businesses. It has something in store for everybody and steady growth will continue.


Facebook is a social media network designed specifically for interaction through connection. It appeals to everyone, whatever our age or interest. It remains and continues to grow as the most popular social media platform with the highest engagement levels.

Facebook VIvs Long-Ferguson

People create online profiles complete with personal photos and pictures. You can list their interests and preferences, as well as post their contact information, so others can get in touch with them easily.

The site’s popularity, with all its user-friendly features, has made it the perfect platform to locate long-lost friendships and create new ones. Similarly it’s now growing as entertainment engagement platform. You can play games, live stream, chat and share your content.

Some of the most popular social features offered by the platform include photo albums that can be shared with family, friends and colleagues. You can comment, be added on other people’s profiles, and  “groups” which are often used by networks as hubs to share content privately. Want to see what the grand kids are up to? Then you need to be on Facebook.


For business its attractive platform offering companies, organizations and businesses of all types reach an audience of over 2 billion people in any given month. This is good for revenue, but also for building brand awareness. This is a crowded area for business, however its audience levels specifically around engagement are hard to beat.

The high rates of user engagement makes it stand out for me. Groups, Pages and communities tools all provide a social platform designed for interaction rather than have a static business website. You want to receive comments and feedback from your customers? Create a page on Facebook where they are likely to be checking regularly two or three times per day.

Businesses can have their own Facebook page designed to provide an interactive shop window. You can upload content to the platform the same way that any regular user would, with the added benefit of allowing businesses to promote and market their products and services using Facebook’s advertising platform.

Facebook Vivs Long-Ferguson


What next for Facebook. Expect further developments in adverts but also shaping communities, bringing groups and networks together . This next stage of the Facebook mission announced earlier this year. Facebook has made a major pledge and plans to work towards a future goal of “bring the world closer together.”

Will they achieve it? You bet they will.