My favourite Dad

My favourite Dad is Eugene Long. Silly comment I know as he is the only Dad I have and the only one I have ever known. He is a very special person, very charming and very funny.

Today my Dad, Eugene is 80 and he will be celebrating in style with his favourite person, Isobel. Having checked in this morning they are planning a cultural excursion to be followed by a lovely indulgent lunch in our favourite of places, Rules restaurant. I should write a blog about Rules, a very special place which reminds you of a forgotten time.

Anyway this is about my Dad, celebrating his life, his love for his family, children and now grandchildren. I wish him all the best and hope he has a super day.

I took this picture a few years ago when we would have lunch together. It was Christmas and Dad insistent in posing. You can see that we are both having a gibson martini, a proper gin martini, none of that modern vodka stuff for us! In fact, I should definitely write a blog about the celebration of the martini cocktail.

Happy birthday Dad – hope you have a lovely day.