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And what do you do? The Portfolio Career

The Portfolio Career. What is it and what does it really mean?

A short blog this time as I am very busy with various client work at the moment. I came across an article by Stylist magazine about portfolio careers. This reminded me of one of my favourite books And What do you do? A great read if you are at a tipping point with your career and life.

Why is it relevant?

Why is this relevant, mainly because when I decided not to go back to full time, running around the country, managing a team sort of employment this was the book I reached for. After dreaming for weeks, months almost years now was the opportunity to do something for myself. So, dear reader, I did.

After much procrastination and debate I finally took the plunge. Officially I am now a freelance consultant. I focus on social media, digital thinking and marketing. What makes my offer different is I also develop strategies on engage with your audience not just market to them.

Luckily in a few months I have secured some clients and I am off-an-rolling. A busy August for me. No lazing about by the pool for me this year, well not at the moment anyway.

Portfolio Career Vivs Long-Ferguson

fingers in pies

The point of the article and theme is nowadays one job is not enough. Neither is one career. More and more of us are combining multiple roles, skills plus expertise to create the portfolio career. However, this approach is not for everyone. You need to be able to

  • manage your finances really well, cash flow can be an issue.
  • know your brand. I am lucky as I use my name – its very individual and distinctive. Thank goodness there is only one Vivs Long-Ferguson. Need help developing yours get some professional advice or talk to friends.
  • manage your time. I blog about this a lot, its crucial to achieve a healthy balance in life plus be productive.
  • take care of yourself. Self-care to the uninitiated.

So there you are. Some simple tips for anyone thinking of starting their own portfolio career. Personally, I can highly recommend it. Come join me.

And if you need help navigating your social media you know where I am.